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Does Ghostwriter Write Thesis?

Although the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are increasingly being replaced by the Bologna Reform, there are still a few diploma courses available in Germany and Austria.

Especially in engineering and economics, the diploma certificate is still important as a degree. In nursing and healthcare, students also often graduate with a diploma.

In order to hold this in the hands, at the end of the study, a diploma thesis has to be prepared, in which we would like to support you.

If you have time-related problems with other commitments, you can get a template for your diploma thesis. Our ghostwriters help you every step of the way, from finding a topic to writing.

How can a ghostwriter help you with the thesis?

Diploma students are expected to be able to use theories, models, and methodologies from their department to answer a research question, and to present their know-how in writing while doing their homework and later in the thesis.

However, if you can not write or who is under a lot of time, you can get help from a ghostwriter for the thesis.

With academic degrees and years of research experience, our writers are absolutely qualified when writing their thesis papers.

In addition, they also bring professional experience, for example through project reports and patient surveys.

As experts, they know what is important in the thesis and support you from the Exposé and the preparation of the outline to the literature research and stringent citation.

Qualitative Diploma Theses by Ghost & Write

If you decide to write your diploma thesis, you expect the highest quality right from the start. All authors of Ghost & Write are specialists in their field, bring sufficient experience and convince on the one hand by competence in their field and on the other hand by accuracy in Ghostwriting.

In addition, each contract is subject to a plagiarism check and a quality check in the form of a review. In this way, you have the certainty that you get a tested unique.

Our editors go into detail when they look at spelling, grammar and content stringency. Finally, sources used in the text will be matched with the bibliography so that you will receive an error-free template for your thesis.

Each work automatically includes a copy and a plagiarism check.

Thus, we ensure that your diploma thesis corresponds to the formalities and is unique.

Ghost Space  for the constant exchange between ghostwriter and client

For the help with the diploma thesis the constant communication between author and customer is absolutely necessary.

That’s why we created the Ghost Space  platform to exchange chat messages and files.

Once your order starts, you’ll get access credentials and easily log in from anywhere and immediately get into conversation with your ghostwriter.

For us it is important that the direct contact is possible, because our authors not only act as job writers, they are also in many cases coach for the thesis.

In the virtual office you also have full transparency, can follow the project process and have all the dates of the intermediate steps at a glance.

If you receive a part of the diploma thesis, you can express feedback and adjustment requests directly in the system.

After the end of the order, all your data will be deleted, of course.

How do the costs for the thesis work together?

Ghost & Write has well-trained academics who need to be remunerated for their services.

The price for a diploma thesis consists of the page number and the processing period. If this is a difficult subject that requires a complex study or does not provide much secondary literature, this will further affect the costs of the thesis.

It also depends on whether it is a literary thesis or an empirical achievement must be provided.

If you have already worked through surveys or reports, our ghostwriters can refer to them for the thesis.

The price always includes a copy-editing and a plagiarism check.

  • price factors
  • page number
  • processing time
  • subject area
  • Complexity of the topic
  • literature review
  • Empirical work
  • Provided preliminary work

3 tips for the thesis

Whether a bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis or diploma: The thesis is a challenge for every student. If only one term paper or a few chores were written in the course of study, the exercise is simply not available. Therefore, we have put together 3 tips for supporting the writing of the thesis:

1. Find exciting topic and supervisor

First of all, you should find a topic that interests you. After all, you will be dealing with this topic in detail over the next few weeks, because the usual processing time for the thesis is six months.

Before you register for the thesis at the Examinations Office, you need a supervisor. Already in the past semesters, one or the other lecturer will have emerged as a mentor for you. If it fits thematically, nothing stands in the way of starting the diploma thesis.

2. Create a work plan with defined goals

To permanently motivate yourself to write your diploma thesis, it makes sense to set small milestones. At the same time, the work plan serves as an overview to keep track of all appointments.

Divide your processing time into different phases, such as:

Preparation phase:

Find topic and supervisor, create schedule, sign up for thesis

Research phase:

Sighting of sources and research literature

Writing phase:

Create structure, write introduction, main part and conclusion of the thesis

Correction phase:

Proofreading, source and citation review


Printing and binding of the work, submission to the institute of the university or college

Also always consider a buffer for unforeseen incidents such as illness or costly corrections.

3. Accurately comply with formal requirements

The diploma thesis corresponds in scope to about 60 to 100 pages to the effort of a master thesis. Even the formal requirements are similar in structure and format. Keeping these up to show the caregiver that you have worked with care.

Structure and structure of the diploma thesis

  • cover sheet
  • thanksgiving
  • contents
  • List of figures, tables or abbreviations
  • introduction
  • Bulk
  • Conclusion and conclusion
  • Literature and source list
  • attachment

Usual format requirements Diploma thesis (vary depending on the chair)

Side margins: top 2.5 cm, bottom 2.0 cm, left 3.0 cm, right 2.0 cm

Font: Arial or Times New Roman

Font size: 12pt in running text, 10pt in footnotes

Line spacing: 1.5 in the body text, 1.0 in the footnotes