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Writing a term paper is part of most courses of study.

Seen from the syllabus, this serves as an exercise for the preparation of the final bachelor thesis.

Among other things, students should acquire scientific work, methods of argumentation, literature research and the preparation of an outline.

But often the examination results of the modules overlap. This creates time problems and you may be overwhelmed quickly by the simultaneous exams and written work in the seminar.

In such cases, support is provided by an academic ghostwriter who will help you to write a paper for your homework.

Obstacles to housework

  • Find topic
  • Elaborate a question
  • Create outline
  • Create schedule
  • Set intermediate goals
  • Keep red thread
  • Buffer for corrections

How can a ghostwriter help you with housework?

On the one hand, our academic writers are adept in writing academic papers, and on the other, they act as a kind of coach when you have your homework written. They deal daily with scientific work and know what is important. You have successfully completed your academic career and have already written many seminar and graduation papers. A ghostwriter from Ghost & Write supports you every step of the way.

You are still looking for a topic for the housework? We are happy to assist you in the preparation of the question. You have problems with the structure? Your author shows you what to look for. Writing is not your strength? You can quickly and easily get a gadget submission from your ghostwriter.

Every housework by our ghostwriter impresses with quality

If you’re looking for help with your homework with Ghost & Write, you’ll get high quality work done by our experts with the best of knowledge – knowledge of the formalities of a scientific paper, as well as expertise from various fields of study.

Whether you write a thesis in German studies, history, social sciences or economics – we have for each subject and for each level of performance the right author for you.

In addition, each assignment ends with a review or proofreading and a plagiarism check. In this way, we ensure that you get a high quality, unique, with which you can continue to work effortlessly.

Our editors check the work for:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • content
  • formatting
  • swell
  • exact citation

Direct communication with the author

So that the template for your housework at the end of your wishes, the agreement with your ghostwriter is of great importance.

That’s why we created the secure and anonymized Ghost Space  as a virtual workplace and a platform for exchanging thoughts and files.

Clients and authors can easily exchange news and data at any time. In addition, you follow every step exactly there and see exactly where your ghostwriter currently stands.

As a result, as a professional ghostwriting agency, we create complete transparency when you want to write your homework.

When the job is finished, all your data will be completely deleted.

Cost of ghostwriting a housework

We can not give a flat rate for the ghostwriter a housework.

The costs for this are composed of various factors such as the number of pages, the complexity of the topic and the time until delivery.

Significant for the prize is also whether it is an empirical work with statistical evaluation or a literature work. In most cases the costs are based on the effort the author has with the job.

It is always advantageous if the topic of housework and, for example, the structure are already established. Based on this, a fair price can then be agreed.

Benefits of Ghost & Write:

  • Anonymous chat with your author in Ghost Space 
  • SSL secured data transfer in Ghost Space 
  • Installment and personal support

How do I write a term paper?

As the name Hausarbeit suggests, this scientific work is done at home, but often also in the library. In contrast to the term paper, which is usually written during the semester as a supplement to the seminar, the term paper is usually written during the lecture-free period.

Thematically, a reference to the lecture or the seminar should exist. If you are unsure about topic search, our ghostwriters will be happy to assist you in finding a topic. If you do not have the time to research and work out, you can also write a template for your housework. This usually contains an outline and is generally based on the formal requirements of the university.

Outline of a housework:

  • cover sheet
  • contents
  • introduction
  • Body with reasoning development
  • ending
  • image directory
  • bibliography
  • attachment

Except for cover page, table of contents and bibliography, all pages of a paper are numbered.

Specifications for the formatting of a housework

Font: Times New Roman or Arial

Font size: 12 pt

Line spacing: 1.5

Margins: 2.5 cm above and below | 3 cm left and right

Format: justified (pay attention to automatic separation)

Footnotes: Font size 10 pt, single-spaced

Of course, these requirements differ from university to university or from faculty to faculty. Look best in the guidelines.