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What can a ghostwriter do for your bachelor thesis?

The first academic thesis requires exact scientific work: write exposé, outline, locate sources. Every step of the way to finalizing your thesis can be assisted by an experienced ghostwriter. If you decide to have the bachelor thesis written by experts, Ghost & Write is a competent ghostwriting agency with over six years of business experience.

We know the problems of many Bachelor graduates: Often the time or the knowledge is lacking to be able to work scientifically. Maybe just more important things will come in the moment. Our ghostwriters have both and support you conscientiously. Each author has completed his academic career with an excellent degree and is well versed in creating scientific papers in his area of expertise, so we can provide you with expert assistance for your bachelor thesis.

How is the price for a bachelor thesis calculated?

Ghostwriting for a high quality bachelor thesis has its price, but it will pay off in the future if you have better chances on the job market with your degree.

The costs are mainly composed of the page number, the processing time, the subject area and the complexity of the topic.

Is it a pure literary work or does a statistical analysis have to be integrated? Which sources should be used?

Our bachelor thesis prices also vary depending on the preliminary work. Ultimately, we need to assess how much effort the ghostwriter has to help with your bachelor thesis.

Each written paper concludes with a copy-editing and a plagiarism exam, which is included in the costs of the bachelor thesis.

Easy communication and fast data exchange

Straight academic projects – from the housework to the bachelor thesis – require targeted agreements, which is why we make the exchange between customers and authors as simple as possible.

It’s important that you ultimately understand what your author wrote down and why he chose Source A instead of Source B. That’s why we’ve developed the Ghost Space as a professional ghostwriting agency. The platform serves as a virtual study and can be reached from anywhere at any time. Logged in, you can write messages to your author 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and upload and download files.

If you want to write a template for your bachelor thesis, continuous communication with the ghostwriter is essential for your bachelor thesis. After completing the job, all your data and files will be deleted.

Quality guarantee

Whether a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis: A scientific work must on the one hand meet the standards of the university and the department, on the other hand, but also your own claim should not be neglected.

If you have your bachelor thesis written by Ghost & Write, you will receive a high quality work. The proofreading is included in every order. It checks whether the red thread exists and whether grammatical errors have crept in. The same applies to the plagiarism check.

We use plagiarism software for every bachelor, master or diploma thesis written by our authors, which is also used by major German universities. Thus, you will receive a bachelor thesis, which is not only plagiarism free, but of course a unique piece.

Our lecturers pay attention to:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • formulation
  • content
  • formatting
  • swell
  • exact citation

Formal to the Bachelor program

The first academic degree a student can usually earn after 3 years of study is the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). The title depends on the orientation of the subject. At the end of the undergraduate studies, the bachelor thesis will be prepared as proof of the ability to do scientific work.

Depending on the university and subject area, the volume of this first academic achievement is about 20 to 60 pages, which must be completed within two to four months. Often, students complete a full-time internship at the same time, earning a living, or writing additional homework in minor subjects, which can lead to time pressure. In such cases, ghostwriters help to complete the bachelor’s thesis by working out templates or creating the bibliography.

How is a bachelor thesis structured?

Decisive in the creation of any scientific work is to keep the schedule in view through good time management. From the registration of the BA to the delivery, there are many stations to work through. If the supervision is arranged with a professor or lecturer, it is necessary to find a topic with a question for the bachelor thesis. Various departments offer a pool of ready-made topics. However, if you choose your topic and the research question yourself, chances are you’ll have more fun creating and working out. In the next step you create an exposé for the bachelor thesis, which has to be taken by your supervisor. Then you can sign up for the bachelor thesis and now have time for the creation. The best way to develop a timeline for the literature search and source verification, the writing process, the correction, the plagiarism check to the print date and the levy.

How to write a bachelor thesis?

Formalities are the basis when it comes to the preparation of the bachelor thesis. Since this is the first major science project for many students, many questions arise:

Where does the list of figures come from? What must be on the cover sheet? When does the bibliography come? We have a little guide for you:

  • cover sheet
  • structure
  • List of figures, tables or abbreviations
  • Main text with reasoning
  • Conclusion
  • Literature and source list
  • attachment

Observe format specifications for the bachelor thesis

Each university has different format specifications, which must be observed when writing the bachelor thesis. However, our default values show you how the thesis can usually be structured:

Margin: left 3 cm, right, top and bottom 2 cm each

Font: Arial or Times New Roman

Font size: 12 pt

Line spacing: 1.5

Footnotes: 10 pt and 1-line

no page number on the cover sheet and in the index, otherwise top right